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Project Partners


KMOP – Social Action and Innovation Centre, situated in Athens, is a non profit organization with more than 40 years of experience in supporting vulnerable groups across the world. KMOP has expertise to design and implement new innovative ideas in order to ensure and promote positive social impact by building resilient communities and making world a better place for everyone taking into consideration all the modern societal, technological and environmental developments.

KMOP’s mission is to inspire and support innovative ideas to change people’s lives, tackling the causes of vulnerability and promoting inclusive and sustainable growth for everyone.

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Asociatia Habilitas

Asociatia Habilitas – CRFP is a non-governmental organization which has as mission the projects and programs development in the field of education and lifelong learning in the social field, the development of national and European projects for disadvantaged persons and also for older persons in Romania, and improving public policy in social area. Everything we do is characterized by values like professionalism, development, innovation, cooperation, quality, trust, continuous training. Habilitas elaborated the first Local Strategy for Supporting Seniors Volunteering, which was adopted as public strategy for Bucharest, by the Bucharest City Hall, in 2017. Asociatia Habilitas – CRFP collaborates with other NGOs at national and European level, with central and local public authorities and aims to become a real factor of change and innovation in the social field and improving quality of life in disadvantaged populations in Romania.

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Social Innovation Fund was started in 1994 and became recognized as an extremely effective Lithuanian non-governmental organization working in many different spheres such as democracy building, women’s human rights, gender equality and diversity, as well as social inclusion of socially disadvantaged groups (unemployed, disabled, immigrants, youth-drug users, women survivors of domestic violence, trafficking and prostitution, etc.). During more than twenty years, the SIF has been involved in more than 100 different national, European and international projects partnering with NGOs from many countries. We have been and are involved in many projects aimed at increasing employability options to target groups as well helping our target groups to recognize and pursue new entrepreneurial opportunities including social entrepreneurship and starting new enterprises. As the Coordinator for several European projects, in 2010 we began exploring the possibility to invite partners from the USA to join our European partnerships to enrich our activities and outcomes and share their expertise. From year 2010 one of the priorities of Social Innovation Fund (SIF) is to educate young people, especially young women with disadvantaged background, young mothers, and young people with fewer opportunities, including disabled young people, young people Not in Education, Employment, or Training (NEETs).

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Asociación Caminos

The activities of the non-profit association “Caminos” founded in 2014 are dedicated to the field of education and social work. Our name “Caminos” (Spanish for “paths”) indicates the importance of finding new ways to reach goals and discover individual resources and opportunities to overcome challenges together. We focus on the development and transfer of innovative methods from other countries within the European context to Spanish entities that offer permanent services. Main objectives include fostering the exchange and communication, improving individual opportunities of development, supporting the social inclusion of disadvantaged people and developing innovative methodologies in the field of training, education and social development through national and international cooperation.

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Know & Can

KNOW AND CAN is a NGO, founded in 2007 in Sofia. It works on national and European projects, vocational guidance and career counseling and is developing programs, courses and activities in the sphere of non-formal and informal education and trainings. The Association is accredited as EVS Center and is a member of IVETA. The main goals of the Association are: to develop and run European projects for educational purposes; to elaborate and apply specialized programs for developing social, soft, employability and civil skills. Know and Can has good experience in the field of non-formal education and trainings. The main target group with which the Association works with is the young people. The main focus of the activities is the improvement of the quality of life of youths by providing specialized trainings for the development of their personal and professional skills.

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Step by Step

Parents’ Association “Step by Step” is a non-governmental and non-profit association whose main objective is to promote value of the community focused on children. Such society perceives children as its most valuable treasure and creates a priority for their welfare, development and education. Moreover, the restoration of the value of parenting is considered as a possibility for balancing work and care for children while doing everything in our might to start appreciating parenting and make it easier.